You can live a life full of passion and purpose!

You can live a life where you travel on a whim, make your own schedule, and choose joy, inspiration, and passion over a paycheck.

You can make money working from your laptop, anywhere in the world. It’s not just something ‘someone else’ does. It is absolutely possible for you to live that life too. Whether your idea of freedom is a wanderlusting, globetrotting adventure, or a cozy, snuggly, couch-centric way of life, we are here to help you create it.

Because anything is possible, if you believe it and work at it.

How do we know this? Because we did it!

Hello! We are Michael and Nicole, founders of Quit the Cubicle, and liberated-lifestylers.

We developed our “Quit the Cubicle” ecourse after creating our very own freedom business and realizing that other people out there (like you!) need to know exactly how we did it so they can do it too.

Meet Michael!

Michael is a civil engineer by trade and worked as a Project Manager in Brisbane until leaving Australia in 2012.

However, Michael now leads a stress-free life as the Quit the Cubicle tech guru. All those years of systems, tech and management skills still come in handy but in a less demanding way.

When Michael is not busy working on the all the techy behind the scenes stuff for Quit the Cubicle he is probably playing a round a golf, killing bad guys on his PS4 or wishing he was Michael Jordan.

Meet Nicole!

Nicole’s life as a serial entrepreneur started at the age of 24 when she opened her first day spa in 2000. Over the course of 13 years she opened multiple spas and won several business awards.

These days she does not have the worry of unreliable employees and costly leases. Nicole now spends her days doing what she loves – teaching others how create a business and life of freedom – putting her years of business knowledge and training skills to good use.

In her free time Nicole loves to girly things like shop, go to the spa, and read motivating self-development books. She is living her dream lifestyle of full time travel with her soul mate.


Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world.


Imagine working only when you wanted.


Imagine being in control of your income limits.


Imagine working on something you actually enjoy.

THAT is what a freedom business is. Working on YOUR terms, from anywhere in the world on your laptop.

Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! The ‘freedom business’ is a revolution and one that is not going anywhere! And for very good reason – Once someone gets a taste of that freedom it’s very hard to give it up!

How did we start our FREEDOM BUSINESS and LIFESTYLE?

In January 2012 we sold all of our possessions and we left Australia to travel the world. (We booked a one-way ticket. There was no turning back.)

When we realized this journey was going to turn into a permanent lifestyle we had to figure out a way to start making money online – We only had enough savings to last us for a short time.

So we researched, we brain stormed, and we came up with some great ideas for online businesses. Four years later we have several successful businesses, including Quit the Cubicle, all of which require no more than a laptop and wifi!

I won’t lie – our life is pretty amazing. We rarely set an alarm. We go for a walk on the beach before breakfast. We start our day refreshed and excited – something we never used to do in our ‘old life’.

We always put our lifestyle before our business which means we don’t work crazy hours every day. We work when we want, and we don’t work when we have something else we want to do.

We created the lifestyle of our dreams by taking a giant leap of faith and working for it.

Listen, becoming successful online doesn’t take a giant personality (we are both HUGE introverts, trust me) or working super-long hours every day (unless you’re trying to build a billion-dollar empire, then power to you!). All it takes is believing in yourself, believing in your dreams, and doing the work.

You can create the lifestyle of your dreams. And we are here to help you get there!